TSL 40-Hour Workweek Restoration Calculator

This tool is to be used for ESTIMATION purposes only. Every person's working situation might be slightly different, but this tool attempts to account for the "typical" scenarios under which someone might be working. This is not a replacement for doing the calculations yourself to see your new hourly rate or back pay amount. This tool does not supersede anything in the TSL Contract or any Memorandums of Agreement, Sideletters, or otherwise. If there is a discrepancy between this page and any of the before listed, the before listed shall be in effect. 

A note for those working on-call/weekly buyout:
During negotiations, we were unable to get the company to elaborate on how those working on-call would be affected by the 45 > 40 change. Hourly pay increases to offset the reduction of hours were discussed as being specifically for those working on 40+5 schedules going down to 40. The company did not say those working on-call would NOT have their pay adjusted in line with everyone else, but they did not say they WOULD either. We encourage you to keep an eye on your pay and discuss with your department manager as this shift occurs, and to reach out to your shop stewards if you have questions or encounter problems.

No data collected from you is ever saved or sent to TAG; all calculations are done in your browser. Source code for this tool can be found here.

Category 2022 Minimum
(11/1/21 - 10/31/22)
2023 Minimum
(11/1/22 - 10/31/23)
Category 1 $53.15 $54.74
Category 2a $45.48 $46.84
Category 2b $49.30 $50.78
Category 3 $38.63 $39.79
Category 4 (Trainee) - Months 1 - 6 $29.00 $29.88
Category 4 (Trainee) - Months 7 - 12 $32.38 $33.35
Category 4 (Trainee) - Months 13 - 18 $35.78 $36.85
Category 4 (Trainee - Story/Writing) - Months 1 - 6 $34.40 $35.43
Category 4 (Trainee - Story/Writing) - Months 7 - 12 $36.06 $37.14
Category 4 (Trainee - Story/Writing) - Months 13 - 18 $37.73 $38.86

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